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Karel Allen
15$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

English/Spanish Tutor-Best Experience Teacher -Certified and Qualified

A.S.S. Degree in Management🎓 TEFL Certified😊Welcome to an exciting path of English Speaking 🤵My name is Karel. I speak native English, Spanish and currently learning German. •Head Teacher - For ove...

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15£ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, Tamil

English - Tamil Business tutor

Online English - Tamil tutor

Alejandro Subiotto
14£ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, Spanish, French

Friendly and Experienced English, French, and Spanish Tutor Offering Fun and Creative Lessons.

I have a multicultural background, with experience teaching in French, English, and Spanish to people of all backgrounds. I have a C2 certification in Spanish, accredited from the Instituto Cervantes....

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David Hoyle
12$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, British English

I'm a friendly tutor with a clear and to the point speaking style.

I find that frequent speaking of a language is very helpful in learning a language. Even if you are lacking in confidence, you should expect and accept your mistakes with a laugh and a smile. Nobody i...

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Dr Raymond Connors
30$ Per Lesson
Speaks: British English

Business English, IELTS

You are a really good speaker of English, however, you KNOW that to do well in your chosen business and career aspirations, you still need to improve. WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? There is a huge gap in...

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Jose Suarez
24$ Per Lesson
Speaks: Russian



Ari Kai
17$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Native English Teacher from the United States

Hello, I'm an English teacher with 7 years of experience teaching English abroad. I'm currently tucked away in my cozy apartment in Vietnam eager to take on more students.

Juice Cajuice
10$ Per Lesson
Speaks: Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Mexican Spanish

Learn English with Juice

The best way to learn & improve a language is through SPEAKING! Conversation skills are so important - and often we're too shy to speak or make mistakes! BUT with a patient & encouraging TEFL tutor li...

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Scott Lumsdon
24$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Experienced English teacher and tutor specializing in writing, conversation, communication, pronunciation, and business.

I have over 20 years of English teaching and tutoring experience. I have a Master's degree in Linguistics, a B.C. Professional teaching certificate and I am also CELTA certified, When you book classes...

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Rob Amo
30$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Certified Business English Tutor with over 20 years of experience

The idea is to see where you may make a mistake or are confused. I can offer corrections and advice on how to fix the issue. You will be provided with grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation and...

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Maria Mahoney
23$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Latin, Math, English

Salvete! Nomen mihi est Maria. Linguam Latinam amo et magistra optima sum. I've taught children and adults (primary to university) many different subjects including English, History, Latin, Greek, ...

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Marta Garzia
35 Per Lesson
Speaks: English, British English, Italian

English tutor for speaking and conversation with a lot of passion for the subject

I like to teach English thorough a hands-on approach: using reading, listening and speaking, for you to learn new vocabulary and become more confident in your speaking

15$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, Polish

English Conversations

English conversations for beginners and intermediate students. I am from Poland, but I live in the USA and I work as an accountant. I would like to show you that speaking English can be fun! Let's hav...

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Sabrina Ivanenco
40$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, French, Romanian, Russian

Learn English, you are awesome!

My Lessons & Teaching Style - Lessons will begin at the level of the student, ranging from beginner to fluent. I have verb conjugation, declension, and vocabulary word charts prepared for all levels ...

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Luis Ignacio Rodriguez
15£ Per Lesson
Speaks: British English, Spanish, French

Bilingual, Qualified, Caring and Fun Anglo Spanish Tutor

I love teaching English and Spanish with over 20 years experience. I find that the key to learning is knowing how the student learns, making lessons clear and interesting, seeing results and having f...

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Sean Ryce
22$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Online English Teaching Instruction

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Elena Torres
20$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English, Spanish, French, Italian

fun conversational spanish and english

¡Hola! My name is Elena :) I believe language learning makes the world a better place. I am a native Spanish speaker from Puerto Rico living in Italy. I am a Psychology student and a polyglot bec...

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Tara Bambrick
25$ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

I'm an experienced university ESL teacher from Canada who can help you with IELTS preparation, business & spoken English

I focus on fluency and creative thinking rather than memorizing vocabulary and perfecting your accent. I believe strongly in using what you learn, and I like to design activities that help you make la...

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Susanna Rita
20£ Per Lesson
Speaks: English

Hungarian language

I am a native English and Hungarian tutor and I have been teaching these languages for more than 20 years now.My lessons are communicative and student-centred. I have all the learning materials for y...

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Morgan Dunsfield
8£ Per Lesson
Speaks: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese


Are you looking for an experienced, caring, and qualified teacher for all your English language needs? If so, book a lesson with me. I look forward to seeing you in class.