So you've found to the right place to learn a foreign language and now you want to begin the journey. You might be asking yourself, "how do I get started?" and it is actually quite simple. The following tips are here to guide you you on your path to success. Keep them in mind throughout your time studying and you will be ready to conquer a new language!

1) Find the right tutor for you

Make sure you take your time in selecting the tutor that fits all of your needs. All of the Tutorela tutors are extremely talented and qualified, but it has to work for you. Look at their schedules and what they specialize in. We just want you to have the best experience.

2) Set goals and stick with them

Do you aim to perfect your communication skills or learn how to write short stories? Whatever you want, make sure you and your tutor know that from the beginning and don’t lose sight of it as time passes. It is important to know what you want and why you want it.


3) Review what you learned after every lesson

If you learned some vocabulary words make flashcards and go over them in the following days. Speak to yourself out loud to perfect the pronunciations of these new words. Don’t just wait until your next lesson to practice.

4) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Learning something completely new will mean that you will be lost and bound to slip up. It is all part of the process, but if you overcome those difficulties you will develop all the skills. Ask questions and put yourself out there.

5) Find a language friend

Get someone to go on the journey together with you or find a buddy through our discussion board so you can practice together. The best way to learn more is from someone going through the same thing as you. Conversation is key so speak with each other and share your favorite study tips.


6) Bring it wherever you go

Whether that means getting a pocket dictionary, downloading a translate app on your phone, or reading a book in the language, make sure you are always in close contact. If you want to become fluent, you need to be comfortable and confident with it all the time.

7) Make it fun

If you like sports, are interested in art, or love dogs tell your tutor. Keep the conversations relevant to topics you like to talk about so you don’t get bored. Watch short clips or read a newspaper in the new language and try to understand as much as possible. Language is alive, so interact with it in an exciting way.

8) Immerse yourself completely

If you want to succeed, make this new language part of your everyday life. Jump in head first and keep track of your accomplishments. The feeling of having your first full conversation will be the greatest reward. Always push yourself to learn more and you will become fluent.


While these tips are valuable, it is most important to enjoy yourself. Learning a new language takes discipline and determination, but don't forget to mold it into something you genuinely take pleasure in. And remember, Tutorela is here to help you!