1) Do I need to know any bit of the respective language I choose to study before my first lesson?

No, everyone has to start somewhere. We love working with beginners and tracking their

2) How do I make a student account?

Use this link to sign up: https://www.tutorela.com/

3) How do I contact the tutor?

Every tutor has a “message” box on their profile page. Send them a message detailing what you are looking for and when you would be free and they will get back to you very soon!

Here is the link to the tutor page: https://www.tutorela.com/teachers

4) What should I do if I have to cancel my lesson last minute?

Please inform the tutor as soon as you know. No charge will be made if they are informed an hour before the start time of the lesson.

5) How long are the tutoring sessions?

Each tutor is allowed to set their own lesson duration. The most common option is a complete hour. Some teachers offer 30 or 45 minute options as well. The prices listed on the top right corner of the tutor profiles are per hour.

6) Am I allowed to try more than one tutor?

Yes, take your time in finding the perfect fit for you. Every teacher has their own method and style of teaching, so you should feel comfortable with your tutor.

7) How long should I wait for a tutor to answer my message?

Every tutor is different, however, the tutor is expected to answer you within a few hours. If not feel free to either email another tutor or wait a bit longer.

8) Where do I leave a review?

You have 2 options when it comes to reviewing your experience with Tutorela. The first one is to [email protected].

The second option is to leave one on our Facebook page which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/tutorela/

9) How do I pay for my lessons?

All payments will be made through

10) How do I report an issue with my lesson?

Please send an email to [email protected] if you experience any issues with your online lesson.

11) What is your commission rate for tutors?

Our commission rate for all tutors, no matter how many hours you've worked, is 20%. You choose your hourly rate based on what you feel is right and appropriate and then our commission is 20% of that for each lesson you teach.

12) Do you have any promotional discounts for new students?

We don't offer any promotional discounts for new students. If we were to offer a free or discounted lesson, the tutors who teaches that lesson would be cheated of the profit they would normally make.

13) How many subjects does Tutorela teach?

Tutorela specializes in language. We have many experienced tutors in English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Japanese.

14) What is the application process like to become a tutor?

Our Facebook page is the best way to contact us! After doing so, we'll ask you what your credentials are, which language(s) you're interested in teaching, and the rate you plan on charging.

15) How much do you charge an hour?

The rate we charge per hour depends on the tutor that you match with. Additionally, tutors may offer half hour or forty-five minutes sessions which they also will price accordingly.[email protected]