Are you skeptical?

You are curious, inquisitive, and possibly opposed to the idea of video chat study lessons. You are wondering how effective online tutoring is. You have some questions, such as “is online tutoring as effective as in person tutoring?” and “can I actually learn a foreign language through my computer screen?”. We want to reassure you that there are many strong pros to online tutoring. Here at Tutorela we believe that anyone can be successful using our services. If you are considering online tutoring but aren’t sure, read on for some convincing advantages.

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The Benefits

The most obvious benefit for online tutoring is convenience. You can video chat from anywhere you would like, whether that be from the comfort of your home or from the local library. It is easily accessible as anyone can go on the web and search for a tutor. There are no travel costs involved or geographical limitations. You can study with a tutor that lives 6,000 miles away from you!

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Another positive for online tutoring is that it is super advantageous for busy people. Students who are in school from the early morning until the afternoon, and then have some after school activities might find it difficult to then go meet up with a tutor later that night. With flexible scheduled lessons you can essentially learn whenever and wherever you want. Similarly, if you are a parent and it is difficult for you to have lessons when the children are home, you can easily book a lesson for a time when you are free. The options are endless.

The most unique pro for video chat lessons is that you can record the session and then go back and re-watch it if you missed something or want to review. The teacher’s notes and material is always available for you online. This give way more value to the lesson as it is permanently accessible at all times and not limited to the standard one hour.

Additionally, a pro for our website is the discussion board we have created. This allows you to ask any questions to all users and tutors or find a study buddy. We hope that this will facilitate a community of learners who communicate with each other frequently. This feature is unique to online learning that cannot be replicated elsewhere. We hope that our students take full advantage of it.


With Tutorela’s platform, you can easily browse and research the tutors. Their profiles are readily available, as seen here online tutors, with information that includes their hometown, where they attended university and reviews from past students. This distinctive online feature gives the student more options and transparency. You get to choose who you want to learn with from various great tutors that live anywhere in the world.

We hope you now have a better understanding of all the great things online tutoring can provide for you. The online option has so much to offer that some people consider it superior to in person lessons. Now go on and book your first lesson to see for yourself!