As an online tutoring platform, it’s always important to stand out to our clientele. However, we also believe it’s of equal importance to stand out to prospective tutors who are looking for a platform to provide their services to. Given the nature of online tutoring, many platforms may seem similar to perspective tutors; however, this is not true. By comparing how a two tutoring platforms differ, from the tutor’s perspective, a lot of critical information can be learned.

While Varsity Tutors is a relatively young and popular tutoring platform, reviews from past and present tutors reveal their lack of transparency in both their application process and commission policy. In this article we’ll go through the key differences from a tutor’s perspective between Tutorela and Varsity Tutors.

Big Cuts in Commission

Working as a freelance tutor means that the commission rate you work under is crucial. Varsity Tutors starting rate is $15/hour while they charge clients upward of $50/hour. Both tutors and tutors have reported that they are unaware of this ratio which leaves the tutors underpaid and unsatisfied. Charging a 70% commission rate when the tutors are unaware is not only unethical but lacks an extreme amount of transparency.

Here at Tutorela we believe the foundation for successful learning starts with the relationship between ourselves and our tutors. That’s why we’re 100% honest and upfront about our commission policy; you tell us your rate and our commission is 20% of that. Built off of transparency and respect, we believe this policy allows our tutors more freedom without sacrificing the flexible nature of the online tutoring market.


Application Process

From a tutor’s perspective, the application process at Varsity Tutors lacks the transparency needed by tutors in order to make an informed decision about where to work. Firstly, they pride themselves on hiring only the best tutors, but their admittance is based on dated test scores such as the ACT or SAT. While these scores may be applicable to college aged tutors looking for a part-time gig, older tutors with valuable experience under their belt get ranked lower. Additionally, by basing your position based off of old competitive test scores, your rank and value is automatically lowered when compared to tutors who have higher scores.

At Tutorela, our application process is simple and honest. We ask for the degrees you’ve earned and where you’ve earned them as well as your educational/tutoring background. After filling out our standard form and receiving a confirmation email from our team, you’ll be able to start tutoring online! By basing our application on the education you’ve received and experience you’ve had, we believe our application process is the most comprehensive. In addition, we believe this holistic application exceeds the former because each tutoring pair is based off of individual needs and styles. Our simple yet comprehensive application process allows for a quick and painless experience in order to get you online and tutoring as soon as possible!


Transparency Through and Through

Varsity Tutors exclusively pays tutors for the time spent teaching the lesson. While this seems reasonable at first glance, the company advertises that tutors can meet at a physical location but does not compensate for travel time, transportation, or gas. By lacking vital information in their application process, tutors apply thinking one thing while receiving another. Additionally, weekly hours are reported to be inconsistent along with tutoring sessions. This leaves tutors in the dark and underpaid at a constant rate. While tutors have reported

At Tutorela we are built off of the idea that open communication and trust build the best relationships. That’s why we’re always open, honest, and ready to talk with our tutors. Our commission is 20% from the beginning and that’s where it stays for each lesson you teach. In addition, we are a tutoring platform that operate exclusively online, which means you’ll never have to direct a portion of your payment towards transportation.


Zoom versus Platform Specific to Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors created their own video chat platform specific to their site while Tutorela utilizes the platform Zoom. Although an individualized platform has benefits such as features exclusive to its company, it also offers up a different scope of problems for both tutors and students. By having a platform exclusive to Varsity Tutors website, a certain degree of experience is lost because the technology is another factor that must be considered and taken cared of.

On the other hand, Tutorela utilizes the technology that Zoom offers because of their quality, experience, and advanced technology. With features such as screen sharing and screen recording, online tutoring has never been so easy for both parties. Students are able to go back and rewatch the material they’ve just learned while tutors are able to upload and save that content as well.