The word tutor comes from the Latin root of the word meaning to watch, to guard, to protect. So does this mean your tutor could double as a bodyguard? Well not exactly, but they are here to watch you succeed in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. The number one tip from our first blog post (Tips for Learning a New Language) is to find the right tutor, and here is how to do just that.

Take your time

In order to find the right tutor for you may have to do some research. Browse through the teacher profiles and look at their schedules. It is very important to know when they are available to teach and if those times work with your schedule. Read their bios and see what they specialize in. Many tutors explicitly say if they are good with kids or have worked with people who have special needs, so make note of these things while teacher shopping. It is all about being the right fit for you, so don't rush anything.


Get to know one another

You and your tutor should form a partnership. There needs to be a certain level of comfort and familiarity whenever you have your private lesson. Express your goals, vocalize any concerns, and create a timeline for your time together. Even though your tutor is there to help you learn, you have to help them understand what it is that you want. This tutoring is for you, so communicating what you are looking to get out of your session is in your best interest.

Teachers, whether online or not, all have different teaching styles. Some really focus on conversation, while others find grammar to be of extreme importance. Many teachers like to go over vocabulary words, and some would rather focus on writing. If how they teach is not clear from their profile, send them a message asking for more information or read reviews from previous students. It is in your best interest to get the tutor who best fits your educational needs.


Make sure the price is right

Another thing to consider is the cost of a lesson. On the search results page,, the price per one hour lesson is on the top right corner of each profile. The tutors set their own rates, but all are reasonably priced. Tutoring can be expensive, so price should be a key factor while choosing your tutor.

Your tutor should be someone you like talking to and you should not dread logging in for your online lesson. Book a lesson at a time where you know you can focus completely on the lesson, talk about the things you enjoy talking about, and set a date for the next one so that you keep improving. If you don’t like the first tutor you video chatted with, try another one! Don’t let one bad lesson discourage you from learning online.

video-chat lesson

All of our tutors are dedicated and capable of teaching you. It is up to you to find the tutor that will best suite all of you needs. Now go get searching!