Factoring Algebraic Fractions

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Algebraic fractions are fractions with variables.

Ways to factor algebraic fractions:

  1. We will find the most appropriate common factor to extract.
  2. If we do not see a common factor that we can extract, we will move on to factorization with formulas for abbreviated multiplication as we have studied.
  3. If the formulas for abbreviated multiplication cannot be used, we will proceed to factorize with trinomials.
  4. We will reduce according to the rules of reduction (we can only reduce when there is multiplication between the terms unless they are within parentheses, in which case, we will consider them independent terms).
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Select the field of application of the following fraction:

\( \frac{7}{13+x} \)

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Observe, you can factorize every expression included in your fraction separately in any way you desire and, in the end, you will arrive at the factorized expression.

Let's see an example of factoring algebraic fractions:

As you can see, in this fraction only the numerator can be factored.
We will factor it and obtain:
Now, we can reduce in the following way and we will obtain:

Factorization of algebraic fractions


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