Time units

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Time units serve the function of quantifying time and have been created in order to organize it productively.
They are like a universal language that allows us to measure time.

Units of time and conversion that are important to know:

A1 - Time units

In one minute there are 60 60 seconds.

In an hour there are 60 60 minutes.

In a day there are 24 24 hours.

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\( 7min=?hr \)

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Example of an exercise with time units

How many minutes are there in 8 8 hours?

If there are 60 60 minutes in an hour, we must multiply the number of hours by 60 60 to obtain the equivalent number of minutes.

860=480 8\cdot60=480

That is, 8 8 hours equals480 480 minutes.

Another exercise with time units

How many minutes are 90 90 seconds?

In one minute there are 60 60 seconds, so we must divide the number of seconds by 60 60 to get the number of minutes.

Attention! Unlike the previous exercise, here we must divide by 60 60 instead of multiplying.
The data we were given is the number of seconds and we have to find out the minutes.

11 minute = 60=~60 seconds

XX minutes = 90=~90 seconds

x=9060=96=32=1.5 x=\frac{90}{60}=\frac{9}{6}=\frac{3}{2}=1.5

That is, 90 90 seconds equals 1.5 1.5 minutes.

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Ejemplos y ejercicios con soluciones de unidades de tiempo

Exercise #1

7min=?hr 7min=?hr

Video Solution


760 \frac{7}{60}

Exercise #2

2hr=?sec 2hr=?sec

Video Solution


7200 7200

Exercise #3

3hr=?min 3hr=?min

Video Solution


180 180

Exercise #4

60min=?hr 60min=?hr

Video Solution


1 1

Exercise #5

15min=?hr 15min=?hr

Video Solution


14 \frac{1}{4}

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What are the units of time?

In the case of time, the most common units are measured with a clock and these are seconds (unit in the International System), minutes and hours, although we can also measure it in days, weeks, months, years, centuries, etc.

How do you calculate the seconds in a day?

We know that in a day there are 24 24 hours, in an hour there are 60 60 minutes and in each minute there are 60 60 seconds, so in order to calculate how many seconds there are in a day we would only have to do a multiplication.

First let's see how many seconds there are in an hour. To multiply

1 1 hour

60×60=3600 60\times60=3600

In an hour there are 3600 3600 seconds, so now let's multiply by 24 24 hours in a day.

1 1 day

3600×24=86400 3600\times24=86400

Therefore in a day there are 86400 86400 seconds.

How to convert time units?

In order to see how to do time conversions let's look at the following examples, where we will need some time equivalences.

Example 1

Task. Convert 6 6 minutes to seconds


We already know that one minute has 60 60 seconds, so let's do a multiplication

6×60=360 6\times60=360


6 6 minutes is equal to 360 360 seconds.

Example 2

Task. Convert 120 120 hours to days.


A day has 24 24 hours so in this case a division will be made.

12024=5 \frac{120}{24}=5


120 120 days equals 5 5 days

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