Dependent Random Events

Dependent random events are related to each other. Each event influences the probability of the other occurring.

Example of dependent random events taken from daily life
First event: I ate spoiled food
Second event: I suffered from indigestion
We can confidently state that there is a relationship between the first event and the second.

Signals that contribute to identifying dependent random events

If we are presented with problems describing that an object has been taken out but not returned, this implies a change that alters the second event.
Likewise, if we are presented with problems of this nature: if something were to happen, then something else would happen as a result of the first event, we will know that it is conditional probability.
In dependent random events, the dendrogram helps a lot to understand the dependence through the roots and to calculate the correct probability.
In each branch, we can see the relationship that exists between the first event and the second.

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