Square root of a product

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The square root of a product

When we encounter a root that encompasses the entirety of the product, we can decompose the factors of the products and leave a separate root for each of them. Let's not forget to leave the multiplication sign between the factors we have extracted.

Let's put it this way:
(ab)=ab\sqrt{(a\cdot b)}=\sqrt{a}\cdot\sqrt{b}

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Solve the following exercise:

\( \sqrt{30}\cdot\sqrt{1}= \)

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Let's look at this in the example

According to the rule of the root of a product, we can break down the factors and leave the root of each factor separately while maintaining the multiplication operation between them:
We will break it down and obtain:

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Examples and exercises with solutions of the root of a product


Given the following rectangle:


Given ΔAEB isosceles (AE=EB).

Find the perimeter of the rectangle ABCD.



8+163 8+16\sqrt3

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