Square Root of a Negative Number

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Square Root of a Negative Number

There is no root of a negative number since any positive number raised to the second power will result in a positive number.

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Square Root of a Negative Number

Everything you need to know about the root of negative numbers is that... it simply does not exist!
Negative numbers do not have a root, if in an exam you come across an exercise involving the root of a negative number, your answer should be that it has no solution.
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What is the root of a number?

The root is some number, let's suppose one that we will call XX that, in fact, will be positive and that, when multiplied by itself will give us XX.
For example, the root of 100100  will be a positive number that if we multiply it by itself we will obtain 100100 .
That is, 1010.
Instead of saying "multiply it by itself" we can say "raise it to the square".

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Why does a negative number not have a square root?

As we have seen, the root of any number, for example, AA is a positive number that if we square it will give us AA.
There is no positive number in the whole world that when squared will give us a negative number, therefore, negative numbers do not have a root.

Exercise Practice

Solve the exercise:
If we raise 33 to the power of two, we will get 99.
Another exercise
9=No solution\sqrt{-9} = No~solution
We will not be able to find any positive number that, when squared, gives us 9-9 since any positive number squared will be positive and never negative.

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