Arcs in a Circle

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The part that is between 2 2 points on the circle.
The arc is part of the circumference of the circle and does not pass inside the circle.

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Arcs in a Circle

We are here to explain to you what an arc in a circle is in the easiest and most logical way.
First, let's remember what the shape of an arc is...
When you look up at the sky and see a rainbow, it looks like this, right?


How about a hair tie? It looks quite similar as well:

hair tie

Now that we remember the shape of the arc, it will be easier for us to remember what an arc in a circle is.

What is an arc in a circle?

An arc in a circle is the part between 2 2 points on the circle.
Pay attention: the arc is on the circle and not inside it. It is part of the circumference of the circle and closely resembles the rainbows we see in everyday life.

Let's show it in the figure:

In front of us is a circle.
If we take 2 2 points on top of the circle, for example, A A and B B ,
the part of the circle between these two points will be an arc.
Pay attention that we do not draw a line between the points inside the circle (a chord)
but rather we paint the top part of the circle as part of its circumference.

The arc can be of any length and even if it does not remind us of the arc we see in everyday life, it will still be an arc in a circle.
While it is on the circle between 2 2 points as part of the circumference, the circle is called an arc.
We will see examples where the arc in the circle does not look like an arc shape:

2 points on top of the circle

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