How is the radius calculated using its circumference?

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Some of you may know the radius as "dial". Either way, the meaning is identical with the same characteristics. So, what is the radius? It is a specific segment that connects the center of a circle with a particular point on the circumference of it.

How is the radius calculated using its perimeter?

The formula for calculating the perimeter or circumference of a circle is: P=2πR P=2πR

Where P= P = is the perimeter of the circle, R= R = is the radius of the circle, and π= π = is a number approximately equal to 3.14 3.14 .

Given: A circle with a circumference of 18.84 18.84 . The radius of the circle needs to be calculated.

We will place the known data into the formula: 18.84=2πR 18.84=2πR

The perimeter can be translated in terms of π π , that is: 18.84:3.14=6 18.84:3.14=6

Then we obtain: 6π=2πR 6π=2πR

Reduce the value of π π and get 6=2R 6=2R . Continue with a division by 2 2 to isolate the value of R R .

That is: R=62 R=\frac{6}{2} and, therefore, the result obtained is that the radius of the circle =3 =3 .

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A circle has a radius of 3 cm.

What is its perimeter?


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Another way to solve:

More examples:

Given: A circle whose perimeter is 25.45 25.45 , we must calculate the radius of the circle
We will place the data we know into the formula: 25.45=2πR 25.45=2πR
The circumference can be translated in terms of π π , that is: 25.45= 25.45=
Then we obtain: 25.45=6.28R 25.45=6.28R

To isolate the value of R R divide 25.45/6.28 25.45/6.28
Therefore, the result is that the radius of the circle =4.05 =4.05

Given a circle with a circumference of 50.25 50.25 , we must calculate the radius of the circle
We will place the known data into the formula: 50.25=2πR 50.25=2πR
The circumference can be expressed in terms of π π , that is: 50.25= 50.25=
Then we obtain: 50.25=6.28R 50.25=6.28R
To isolate the value of R R , it is necessary to divide 50.25/6.28 50.25/6.28
Therefore, the result is that the radius of the circle =8 =8

The data of a circle whose circumference is 11 11 , the radius of the circle must be calculated.
To isolate the value of R R divide 11/6.28 11/6.28
Therefore, the result is that the radius of the circle =1.75 =1.75

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Exercises on Calculating Radius and Circumference


Exercise 1:


How will the circumference change if we double its diameter?


The radius is equal to K K

P=2π×r P=2π\times r

=2π×(K2) =2π\times (\frac{K}{2} )

=2π×(K2)=πK =2π\times (\frac{K}{2} )=\pi K

The radius is equal to 2K 2K

P=2π×r P=2π\times r

=2π×(2K2) =2π\times (\frac{2K}{2} )

=2π×(2K2)=2πK =2π\times (\frac{2K}{2} )=2 \pi \cdot K

P2KPK=2πKπK=2 \frac{P2K}{PK}=\frac{2πK}{πK}=2


The circumference will double

Exercise 2:

Given the shape of the figure.

The quadrilateral is a square with 5 5 cm side length.


What is the perimeter of the figure?


The perimeter is made up of 4 4 halves of the circle.

4×12P=2P 4\times\frac{1}{2}P=2P

That is, a total of 2 2 circumferences with 5 5 cm diameter.

Diameter=2radius Diameter = 2 radius

2×radius=5 2\times radius=5


Circle diameter 5 5 cm

P=2π×2.5=5π P=2π\times2.5=5π

P=2×P=2×5π=10π P=2\times P=2\times5π=10\pi


10π 10\pi

Exercise 3:


Mirta runs at a speed of 7 7 minutes per kilometer.

She runs on a circular path with a radius of 20 20 meters and circles it 4 4 times.


How long will Mirta run?


First, we calculate the length of the path.

Path length = The circumference has a radius of 2020 meters.

2π×20=2×3.14×20=125.6 2π\times20=2\times3.14\times20=125.6

Mirta's path distance = Path length ×4 \times4 = 125.6×4=502.4 125.6\times4=502.4 (meters)

That is: 0.5024 0.5024 km

Time=7×0.5024=3.52 \text{Time}=7\times0.5024=3.52


It will take Mirta 3.52 3.52 minutes to complete the run.

Exercise 4:

Given the circle with a circumference of 6.28 6.28


What is its area?


Let's recall the circumference formula:

2πR 2πR

We replace with the known data:

6.28=2πR 6.28=2πR

We divide by 2 2

3.14=πR 3.14=πR

Now we divide by π π

1=R 1=R

From here we can replace the data in the area formula of the circumference:

A=πR2 A=πR^2

A=π12 A=π1^2

A=π×1 A=π\times1

A=π A=π


Area=π Area=π


How to Calculate the Radius Using Its Circumference? (Examples and Exercises with Solutions)


Given the circle in the figure,
its center is point O

888OOO What is the circumference?


We use the formula:P=2πr P=2\pi r

We replace the data in the formula:P=2×8π P=2\times8\pi

P=16π P=16\pi


16π 16\pi cm

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