Family of Parabolas y=x²+c: Vertical Shift

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Family of Parabolas y=x2+c y=x²+c : Vertical Shift

The basic quadratic function y=x2y=x^2 with the addition of CC yields the function y=x2+cy=x^2+c
The meaning of CC is the vertical shift of the function upwards or downwards.
If CC is positive: the function will rise by the number of steps shown in CC.
If CC is negative: the function will descend by the number of steps shown in CC

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Find the ascending area of the function

\( f(x)=2x^2 \)

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Let's look at an example

The function will rise three steps.

1 - Vertical shift

Additionally, we can see thatCC marks the intersection point on the YY axis.

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