Standard Form of the Quadratic Function

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Standard Form of the Quadratic Function

The standard form of the quadratic function is:

For example:

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Create an algebraic expression based on the following parameters:

\( a=3,b=0,c=-3 \)

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How do you go from standard form to vertex form?

  • We need to find the vertex of the parabola using the formula to find the XX vertex.
  • Let's find the YY vertex.
  • Let's place in the vertex form template the X X vertex instead of PP, the YY vertex instead of CC and the aa instead of aa.

How do you go from standard form to factored form?

  • Let's find the points of intersection of the parabola with the xx axis.
  • Let's place it in the factored form template.

If we were to realize that in the standard form there is a coefficient for X2X^2 we will place it in the factoring formula before locating the intersection points there, as follows:

y=a×(xt)×(xk) y=a\times(x-t)\times(x-k)

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