Family of Parabolas y=(x-p)²+k (combination of horizontal and vertical shifts)

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Family of Parabolas y=(xp)2+k y=(x-p)²+k

Combination of Horizontal and Vertical Shift
In this quadratic function 
KK determines the amount of steps and the vertical direction in which the function will shift - upwards or downwards.
PP determines the amount of steps and the horizontal direction in which the function will shift - to the right or to the left.

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Find the corresponding algebraic representation of the drawing:


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Let's look at an example of combining both displacements together.

For example, in the function:

The changes will be:
according to P=4P=4 -The parabola will shift 4 4 steps to the right.
According to K=3K=3 -The parabola will shift 3 3 steps upwards.

Let's see it in the illustration:

1 - combination of horizontal and vertical shift

We can see that the vertex of the parabola is:

Zero Point or Root of the Function - Graphical and Algebraic Solution when Y=0Y=0

The zeros of a function are the intersections with the X X axis.

Algebraic Solution

when KK positive - This equation has no solution except in the case where KK equals00 and also PP equalsXX.
when KK negative- Generally, this equation will have 2 2 solutions.

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Graphical Solution

The graphical solution are the points of intersection of the parabola with the XX axis
that is, the zeros of the function.

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